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Conditions of Entry for Junior Singles Tournaments

1. U10 - born in 2014 or later, U12 – born in 2012 or later, U14 – born in 2010 or later, U16 – born in 2008 or later, U18 – born in 2006 or later.
2. Registration:  No more entries will be accepted after 1st December 2023
3. This event is aimed at junior players who have NOT represented Any County in a County or Shires match or who do not currently play on the National circuit (Badminton England Bronze, Silver, Gold events - no more than 2 ranking events in the last 24 months). This is a starter tournament and is designed for club or school players.
4. Competitors may enter relevant disciplines at their natural age group
5. If there is a lack of entries at any age group, the committee reserve the right to either play the group as a unisex event or to merge it with another age group.
6. The tournament is organised by CrossFire Badminton Club and shall take place in accordance with the tournament regulations adopted by Badminton England as altered or amended herein.
7. Each competitor must register separately. The entry fee is £10.00 per event per person.
8. Entries may have to be restricted if numbers prove too large. If this is the case the procedure laid down by B. E. for tournaments will apply. Where necessary, priority will be given to those entries received earliest.
9. The tournament organiser reserves the right to refuse an entry without assigning any reason. The tournament organiser’s decision is final.
10. Competitors will receive an email of confirmation and check-in time on Tuesday 5th December. Competitors should contact the Secretary should notification not have been received within 4 days of the date of play.
11. All competitors must report to the referee’s table on arrival. Competitors will be scratched if not ready to play when called upon and must not leave the hall without permission. Tournament fees are not refundable at any time, except as stated in paragraph 15.
12. Competitors should wear recognised badminton clothing. Tracksuits may only be worn in knock-ups.
13. The draw for all events will not be seeded.
14. Events will be run in pools, with each player playing all those in the same pool. Where numbers allow, winners and runners up will progress to the knockout rounds. Unless stated, each event will be one game to 21 or 15 with no setting.  Rally point scoring will be used. The organiser reserves the right to modify the programme if necessary.
15. If you were not granted entry for the event, and had submitted your payment and entry details you will be refunded within 7 days following the event
16. Coaching of players whilst a match is in progress is not permitted.
17. Feather or hybrid shuttles will be used.
18. Trophies or medals will be presented to winners, runners-up and losing semi-finalists..
19. The tournament organiser cannot accept responsibility for any lost property, nor for personal injury sustained by any competitor.
20. Withdrawal: Notification must be given immediately; however, any withdrawal after 2nd Dec 2022 will not be subject to a refund
. Any refunds due, must be requested by email within 21 days after the event date. Payment will be within 7 days.

21. Videoing and photography is not permitted in the hall without the express and prior permission of the referee. Flash photography is not permitted in the hall at any time whilst play is in progress. Photographs may be taken for publicity purposes at such times and in such locations as the referee may determine. Should you not wish your photograph to be taken, this should be notified to the referee.

22. The referee reserves the right to change any of the conditions above. Their decision in all matters is final.

IMPORTANT - Remember to submit your registration & payment by Friday 1st December 2023

The Tournament Secretary/Organisor: Mr Wayne Philogene
Tournament Email Address:
Telephone Number: 07956 258246