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Conditions of Entry

*The Categories are defined as the following:

Men’s, Women’s &          League A  =  County players & higher division league players.  

Mixed Doubles                   League B  =  Intermediate league/club & strong lower division league players

 League C  =  Low level league/club & very strong social level players

      Please Note:  If entries are low for Ladies Doubles (A or B), we are likely to combine these categories)

Men’s & Women’s           League A =  Strong league/club, Strong-intermediate league & Club players   

Singles                                   League B =  (Men Only) Intermediate league/club & very strong social players

Pairings of Mixed standard/ability, must enter a category at the stronger player’s standard/ability!

League A & B players cannot play down a level.  League B & C can play up a category

Players may only enter ONE category/league of each event!!

We strongly encourage players & pairings who have previously entered the lower categories, and have reached the finals to consider playing the next level above!

1. Competitors for each events must be 16 years of age or older on the date of the tournament.

2. Both competitors in all events MUST submit an entry form via post or online with the appropriate fees (photocopies will be accepted) by the closing dates given. It is the tournament organisers/secretary discretion if entries and/or fee are accepted.  Entries made from 15/12/19 will be subject to a LATE SURCHARGE FEE of £3 per player, per event.

3.  Competitors seeking a partner must enter ‘partner wanted’ where ‘partner’s name’ is required, and do so knowing that they will be attempted to be best paired with a possible unknown player of similar standard/ability according to their details submitted .  Also that they will be paired if a partner and places are available.

4. The referee reserves the right not to hold an event if insufficient entries are received and to limit numbers.

5. If a player or pairing plays down in a lower standard, they may be scratched from the tournament.

6. Entry is at the competitor’s own risk, and by signing the entry form the competitor undertakes that to the best of their knowledge they are healthy to compete.

7. Please arrive and be ready to play in your event at least half an hour before the scheduled start time, as late arrival may mean that your game is conceded.  All competitors must report to the registration desk upon arrival and must not leave the hall without the tournament organiser’s permission, until eliminated from all events. ANY COMPETITOR NOT READY TO PLAY WHEN CALLED UPON WILL BE LIABLE TO BE SCRATCHED AND/OR PENALISED

8. Crossfire Badminton Club will not be liable for any expense incurred as a result of this event being cancelled or postponed. All expenses are at the sole risk of the competitor

9. WITHDRAWAL. Notification must be given immediately; however, any withdrawal after 15th Dec 2019 will not be subject to a refund.

10. Any refunds due, must be requested by email within 21 days after the event date. Payment will be within 7 days.

11. Competitors must be prepared to play at the times stated for the commencement of each event. Notifications of your start times will be emailed by Saturday 21st Dec 2019, or check for details.  It is the responsibility of the competitor if you do not receive any notification by this date, to contact the tournament secretary. The notification will also confirm if your entry has NOT been accepted due to over subscription or insufficient entries.

12. No matches on this day will commence before 8.45am or after 9pm

13. All events will be played in groups with winners going through to a knockout stage. If there is only one group, no knockout stage will be played.   All Players must compete with fair play and use badminton etiquette at all times!

14. Quality feathered Ling Mei shuttlecocks will be used.

15. Unless stated all events shall be 1 game to 21, with no setting. Rally points scoring will be used.

16. Entry forms can be submitted (online or email) by the closing date/s with the correct entry fee to the tournament secretary.  Online payments,  made to‘Crossfire Tournaments’ -  Sort code 04-00-04, Account no. 63780997, please make sure your online payment is referenced with [Players Name] as entered on your entry form, also sending an email to to advise us if you are paying for anyone else other than yourself!

17. PRIZES.  Badminton prizes (league A only), Trophies or Medals will be distributed and awarded to the winners and runners-up of all events.

18. The referee reserves the right to change any of the conditions above. Their decision in all matters is final.

Scheduled Start Times – 9.00am onwards.  Confirmation of times/category will be emailed - 21/12/19

League A - Doubles / Singles    =    £16 /£18 Per Player, Per Event   (£19/ £21 from 15/12/19)

League B & C Doubles /Singles B     =    £14 / £16 Per Player, Per Event   (£17 / £19 from 15/12/19)

Hi Players,

Please find details of our forthcoming tournament below.  See the attachments for full details.

Hurry as spaces are limited and the closing date is soon!  Please inform other players who may also be interested!

Thanks!  Wayne

ENTRY FEES (Late Entry Fees)

Payment Details

(Please note these details have been updated)

Online   Name - Crossfire Tournaments      Sort Code  -  04-00-04       Account No. - 63780997     Ref -  Full Name

[ Email  to notify us & receive confirmation of your payment (and if you’re paying for others too) ]